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Time to Do the Wardrobe Shuffle

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Now that the summer’s heat and humidity has subsided and fall is peeping over the horizon, it’s time to do a little wardrobe shuffling. If you live in the deep south or the sub-tropics as I do, where it’s still mostly warm year-round, here are some suggestions to both extend and refresh your wardrobe. While the fall and winter temperatures in our region don’t allow for much difference in the weights of the clothes we wear, we can however, break up the seasons with the colors that we wear.

A dapper black man dressed in a navy blue suit with black tshirt and gold accessories

Consider for example your suit or sport coat colors. All of the lighter colors such as tans, light grays, brighter blues and pastels, pack them up and put them away until after the end of March, which usually signifies the beginning of spring. But be sure to have them dry cleaned before storing. Do the same with your pastel-colored accessories (ties, shirts, pocket squares, etc.). Same goes especially for those living in cold weather climates.

So now that you’ve preserved your spring and summer wardrobe, it’s time now to break out those rich dark grays, navy blues, handsome browns, and always crisp and authoritative blacks.

If you take heed, you will be surprised at how fresh (and even new looking) that your spring and summer clothes will look when you break them out again. To further refresh, add a few new accessories to bring different looks to them.

Until next time, stay well and always “notoriously” well dressed.

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