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The Cravats’ mantra is that “There’s a big difference between designer clothes and clothes designed for you…by you”. We accomplish it in our one word philosophy of “Uncompromising”. It’s our approach to creating the finest custom shirts and clothing available anywhere.

It begins with getting to know the client and the purpose for which we’ll be creating clothes for them. Whether they’re for business, everyday casual or a special occasion, our goal is to project their best image in styles that will be both comfortable to wear and in how they’ll feel mentally about wearing them.

Imaging and comfortable clothes begin with the many measurements that are taken to create the “best possible” fit. To make a shirt, we employ sixteen (16) different measurements, most to the eighth (1/8th) of an inch. To make a suit, twenty (23) different measurements are taken. After the measurements are assured, fabric selections begin. In either shirts or clothing, careful consideration is given to the client’s skin tone and physique in selecting the most flattering colors and patterns that will be used in the creation of the garments. Equally important to the process is choosing the right styles in projecting the client’s best image.

Once chosen, the fabrics for each garment are hand-cut to deliver patterns that will result in the accuracy of the measurements that were taken. While we take the lead in directing the experience, clients are very much involved in creating their own “designer clothes” that come replete with their own personal designer name labels.

After the garments are completed, client appointments are scheduled for try on and fittings to assure the “best possible” fit and finished with any fine tuning by our master tailors if deemed necessary. When it’s all said and done, we refer to it as “World Class Tailoring Without Compromise.”

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