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- Haberdashery / Casual(ties) -

World Class Tailoring Without Compromise
  • A neckwear extravaganza that's unrivaled. Ascots, scarves, and "beau" ties included.
  • Luxurious Marcoliani hosiery, Mezlan and Zelli shoes will keep you stepping in style and comfort.
  • Martin Dingman belts and Trafalgar braces to steady your pants.
  • A rainbox selection of "Pocket Squares" and "Rounds" for the perfect accent.
  • An eclectice selection of fashionable and vintage cuff links.
Cravat's Casual(ties)
Become one of our casual(ties) with our custom made and designed casual style shirts, slacks, jackets, and even suits. Fantastic fabrications for everything casual

“A well tied tie is the first serious step in life” 

-  Oscar Wilde


Hints of Fall

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