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"If you have to look for quality, you wont find it, because quality has a way of standing out... and that’s in anything. In custom clothing and men’s haberdashery, our commitment to quality was at the forefront of our beginning and will remain our commitment until the end. So when you’re shopping Cravats’... for anything, we promise that you won’t have to look for quality, because it will stand out.

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For the business or dress wardrobe you require, expect a higher standard... where the extraordinary is commonplace. Learn more...



Be it our clothes or yours, our master tailor is trained to do the "custom" alterations that your garments need and deserve. Learn more...

Quality Products

"A well tied tie is the first serious step in life." - Oscar Wilde

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Derek Byrd, Esquire

“I have been buying my suits, shirts, ties, and other accessories from Cravats' for the past 20 years. The quality of the clothing is only topped by the level of personal service offered by Cravats'. The per-sonalized service is something you would never get in a department store or on line. Cravats' tailors the clothing to fit me both in style and in measurements. I would recommend Cravats' to anyone who takes pride in how they dress.”

Vic Scully, retired

"Good taste never goes out of fashion. For the past several years, I have depended on Hank and Cravats' for the finest selection of fabrics for shirts and clothing you will find anywhere. Distinctive style and sound fashion advice is the norm at Cravats'. I highly recommend them for your fashion needs or desires.”