What I Wear to Work: Henry “Hank” Battie

Here’s what the stylish owner of downtown Sarasota’s Cravats’ Custom Clothiers & Haberdashery wears to work.

By Alicia King Robinson 10/28/2016

Henry “Hank” Battie, a genuine Sarasota gentlemen and master custom clothier and designer, is the owner of Cravats’ Custom Clothiers & Haberdashery. A native and Booker High School graduate, he discloses his top tip for men, his style inspirations and his favorite item in the design studio right now.

WHO: Henry “Hank” Battie, president and owner of Cravats’ Custom Clothiers & Haberdashery in Sarasota

ABOUT CRAVATS’ CUSTOM CLOTHIERS & HABERDASHERY: We have long been considered the premier custom clothier of Florida’s west coast. I founded the business in 1990. We produce custom-made shirts and clothing for men and women. We carry everything from business attire to festive tuxedos, dinner jackets and custom-designed formal shirts, vests and cummerbund sets to fine jewelry, silk hosiery and footwear.  A master tailor is on-site to fine-tune our custom garments and also accepts outside garments for alterations. The studio also offers custom-made casual-style shirts, slacks, jackets and even suits made from fantastic fabrications. Styling is limited only by your own imagination.

WHAT I DO: As a small business owner, I do it all from time to time–from cleaning to everything in between. I handle most of the day-to-day operations and make all of the accessories purchases, which are mostly all custom-designed from manufacturers’ swatch samples.

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Behind The Counter: Henry “Hank” Battie

By Susan Burns Photography by Lori Sax

You were born in Sarasota. How did you get into the tailoring business?

I’ve always loved clothing. I started buying my own clothes when I was nine. When I got out of the military, I needed a job and worked at a St. Armands store for 16 years. After an ownership change, I started looking around, and no one was doing custom.

How do you describe your business?

We’re custom clothiers. Everything is made specifically for our clients. We do ladies clothes, too.

Who comes into your shop?

We have myriad clients—financial advisers, attorneys, professionals and, since we have such an active retiree community, retirees.

How do you keep up with trends?

A lot of the stuff I see in GQ I wouldn’t wear. The new style looks like Pee-wee Herman’s clothes or your little brother’s hand-me-ups. We do what’s best for the client.

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